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We can no longer leave our much-needed healing, understanding, and support in the hands of outmoded, hierarchical institutions.

We must look towards each other, hold each others’ hearts, use every inch of our personal medicine and magick to take care of one another. To see each other, both who we are now and who we are in our greatest version of ourselves. To share new paths forward that we’re forging out of compassion and fierce determination, and a commitment to community and interdependence.

We’re humans, mammals. This is what we were always meant to do.

If you believe this too and you’re helping to bring this to life, let’s connect.

Here for the healers, wellness professionals, change makers, and other spiritual leaders.

Who this program is for

  • You nurture or want to nurture your community as a healing practitioner, spiritual visionary, wise woman, conscious entrepreneur, wellness professional, or community activist.

  • You’re ready to deepen or reconnect to your truest purpose—one that honors your talents and experiences, and makes you feel alive.

  • You crave greater intentionality, direction, and meaning in your business and personal life.

  • You sense that you’re burnt out or on your way. You take excellent care of others but might not invest as much in your own wellbeing, despite knowing this is crucial to sustainable service and longterm success.

  • You want to free yourself from comparison, perfectionism, or fears that you’re not really “doing enough.”

  • You prefer sustainable, holistic growth over one-off, quick fixes.

  • LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC folx welcome!


Soul-centered living + leadership program

A holistic exploration of your soul-aligned business + personal wellness.

Soul-centered living starts with journeying inward; embracing that everything we do and create begins with our mindset and relationship with ourselves.

Soul-centered leadership grows naturally from this foundation of deep inner knowing and choosing how we show up in the world. Extending the compassion we show ourselves towards others, and applying tools of empowerment and big vision thinking to guide our day-to-day.

The soul-centered living and leadership program is a holistic journey designed for sustainable growth rather than quick changes, and will include methods that are tailored to your needs.

Benefits & what to expect

  • Sacred space to explore and take steps towards your ideal self and future, via three 50 minute sessions per month, for three months

  • Instruction in spiritual foundations and practices such as meditation, visualization, body/somatic partnership, shadow work

  • Leadership tools such as authentic presence, vulnerability, and sacred decision-making

  • Action-oriented goal setting and personal responsibility

  • Additional cheerleading and accountability support via text or email between sessions, M-F 10am-5pm ET


What will I have the opportunity to cultivate?

The soul-centered living + leadership program introduces you to a diverse toolkit to draw on for sustainable growth in your business as a healer, wellness professional, or change maker.

Anything you learn is taught in a way that builds personal empowerment so you can increasingly rely on your own wisdom and skill. Some practices foundations and tools are core to the program, others will be brought in depending on your experience and needs.

Spiritual foundations

  • Sacred ritual for both personal and business wellbeing

  • Visualization + journeying

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Partnering with the body + somatic wisdom

  • Shadow + inner child work

  • Self-initiation + permission granting

  • Breath + energy work

  • Self-tending, energetic hygiene, and avoiding spiritual burnout

  • Manifestation techniques

  • Avoiding spiritual bypass

  • Social responsibility + inclusivity as sacred act

Business tools

  • Sacred decision making

  • Vulnerability + authentic presence

  • Setting a business vision, goal, and strategy

  • Establishing your target market

  • Community building + marketing

  • Creating an offering aligned with your purpose

  • Measuring success

  • Social responsibility + inclusivity as sustainable business

  • Opening to abundance


Why work with me

  • Trained as a coach through IPEC, a world leader in accredited, research-based methodology and training.

  • Certified to teach meditation through the Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science, which combines neuropsychology with Indo-Tibetan Buddhist practices. I am also in ongoing study with respected teachers Dr. Miles Neale, Geshe Tenzin Zopa, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, and Scott Tusa.

  • 20+ years in deep relationship with ritual, magick, and esoteric study, crafting transformational ceremony that combines folk traditions, devotional practices, seasonal rites, alchemy, animism, energy work, and tarot.

  • Extensive professional knowledge and experience in community building and management—10+ years of leadership at Etsy and Meetup, growing and supporting global peer-to-peer networks of entrepreneurs and group organizers.

  • I am committed to social change that is intersectional, sustainable, and centered on personal connection and reciprocity.


“Kathryn listens you into your own wisdom, offering a powerful mixture of intuitive guidance and plenty of space.”

“I left feeling lighter, more joyful, and clearer in my intentions as I made an enormous life change.”

“Kathryn has the unique ability of encouraging and allowing me to recenter and refocus on what’s important.”


Mindstream NYC, a contemplative co-Operative


Virtual video conference


Hudson Valley, NY (Beacon and Putnam Valley)

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We have only to follow the thread of the hero path.

Where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence; and where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.
— Joseph Campbell

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