Journey into your soul’s purpose

Live from your core values

Share your medicine with the world


This ritual is an initiation into living and leading from your soul. Part pragmatic workshop, part mystical journey, all magick. 

Your core values, the medicine you are meant to share with the world, and your sense of purpose are the north stars that bring intentionality to pivotal decisions, help skillfully resolve challenges, set bold visions for the future, and fully own your potential as a leader in your community. When we regularly orient to these north stars, we lay the foundation for sustainable wellbeing, growth, and impact.

Whether you’re newly stepping into your purpose or want to bring fresh light to your path, you’re invited to:

  • Fiercely envision an ideal world for the planet, your community, and yourself

  • Build confidence in and intimacy with your unique north stars—your core values, medicine, and purpose

  • Meet the helping animal spirit meant to support you in your purpose

  • Journey through visualization into the sacred realm of the Star Arcana of the Tarot, archetype of deep personal inquiry, hope, and intuitive wisdom

  • Benefit from the power of communal intention setting and being among like-minded souls

  • Reenter the world with a renewed commitment to and sense of how to live and lead from your soul

  • Continue your path afterwards with resources for further exploration

Tuesday, November 5


Mindstream NYC

Registration required—reserve below

Exchange $45 early registration

Two spots available at 50% scholarship for folx from BIPOC a/o queer communities. Email to inquire.


Can’t make it but feel called to join in the future? Share below! There may (or may not) be a repeat either online or in-person.

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