Bring your fullest self to the good you do in the world.


The world is shifting into an era of profound awakening—a recognition of our interconnectedness and our responsibility to use our talents to uplift, heal, and create positive change in ourselves and each other.

And yet, the very people who usher vitality and care into their communities often don't give themselves the support they need to connect to their souls’ purpose and stay motivated to act on it.

The only way we'll thrive in our communities and as a planet is if each of us shares our unique medicine in the way that only we are meant to. I coach healers, change makers, and conscious entrepreneurs in their personal and vocational growth, to help them answer their life's calling and reach the community they're meant to serve.



Helping those who help others.

My calling is to be a helper to those at the heart of transformation in their communities. I coach healers, change makers, and conscious entrepreneurs (or folks aspiring to enter this path) in sustainable personal and vocational growth, to help them fulfill their life's purpose and reach the people they're meant to serve.

My coaching draws on knowledge and tools I’ve gained through my diverse background ranging from professional leadership in community-building at top global web companies, to in-depth Tibetan Buddhist study, to a lifelong relationship with transformational ritual and celebrating magic as a birthright.

Soul-Aligned Living + Leadership Program

Holistic exploration of your vocational + personal wellness

Coaching to access your inner wisdom

Supportive spiritual practice + ritual

Practical business tools

Foundational healing work to support your success

The soul-centered living + leadership program introduces you to a diverse toolkit to draw on for sustainable growth. Anything you learn is taught in a way that builds personal empowerment so you can increasingly rely on your own wisdom and skill. Some practices foundations and tools are core to the program, others will be brought in depending on your experience and needs.


“Kathryn has the innate ability to listen you into your own wisdom, offering a powerful mixture of intuitive guidance and plenty of space.”